The team at One Atlanta Wealth Advisors truly cares about making our clients’ dreams a reality. We do everything in our power to keep our clients focused on where they want to go, advise them on how to get there, and continually remind them of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing their dreams.

Sonny Fowler

Serving the Acworth area for over a year, Sonny’s current areas of responsibility include retirement strategies and wealth building for small business owners, young professionals, and young families. Sonny’s passion for retirement planning stemmed from his father’s hard work as the owner of his own plumbing company. While a hard worker, his father didn’t know how to turn that hard work into preparation for his retirement. Wishing his father had someone who could’ve helped him in retirement, Sonny decided to be that person for others, their businesses, and their families.

Formerly with Chick-fil-A for 23 years as Operations Director, Sonny spent the majority of his time creating and teaching other employees how to maximize profitability while growing sales. Sonny graduated from Georgia Tech with a Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He lives with his amazing wife, Charity and two beautiful daughters, Tatum and Maci.

Sonny serves as a deacon at Cedarcrest Church and is on the Foundation Board at Pickett's Mill Elementary. He also serves as the Top Dog at his daughter's elementary school Watch Dog Program and coaches two soccer teams in his spare time.

Chris Miller

Serving the southeastern U.S. area for over five years as a financial advisor, Chris Miller’s current areas of responsibility include wealth accumulation and protection for business owners and professionals. Chris thrives on building strategies for reducing financial expenses and lost opportunity costs. He is passionate about teaching people money concepts that they don’t understand.

He is a graduate of Troy University with a degree in Risk Management. Chris has been married for three years to his wife, Courtney, who is the preschool and special needs director at their church, NorthStar. Chris enjoys spending time with and going on trips with his family, working out, and doing yard work. He is an active member of the Acworth Business Association and NorthStar Church, and has had the honor of attending numerous international mission trips.

Scott Miller

Scott’s goal as a Financial Advisor is to listen to your financial dreams and objectives and help you create a strategy for meeting them. Scott defines this strategy as creation and preservation of wealth through macroeconomic strategies. Whatever your needs, whatever your stage in life, this strategy can help you to better create, build, and preserve wealth to protect you and the people you care about.

Many factors and circumstances in life can erode wealth far too easily-inflation and taxes, to name two. However, with a strong financial strategy, we can attempt to minimize their impact. Together, we`ll assess your situation to design and implement a plan, with your objectives guiding and informing every decision. As your situation changes, we will continue to evaluate your strategy and build a long-lasting relationship together.

As a Financial Advisor, Scott has specialized in wealth creation and preservation since 1992.

After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Sociology, Scott went on to pursue graduate coursework at Evangelical Institute and received his divinity degree in 1986. He has received recognition for his college achievements, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Scott earned his masters degree from The American College of Financial Services in 2003 and is an accredited estate planner.

Scott has been married since 1984 to his wife, Jeannie, and they have six children.

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