Family Values – Protecting Your Loved Ones

Today’s families often find themselves in a flurry of activity that revolves around work, the home, and growing children. Day-to-day family life also means paying the bills, buying groceries and clothes, and spending vacation time with family and friends. It’s all a part of the life many of us take for granted. Sometimes, in our quieter moments, we may envision a future when we can finally sit back and relax, away from all the rush.

Unfortunately, life may sometimes bring with it an unexpected twist. Because many families today depend on two incomes to maintain a standard of living, the tragic death of a spouse can dramatically change everything. Even with single-income families, the at-home spouse may provide incalculable services such as maintaining the home and rearing the children.

If one income suddenly stops, the impact on your family`s finances and lifestyle could be devastating. This is where life insurance can be of great value. Adequate insurance can help replace the income of a spouse or provide additional income so your children will be adequately cared for and family life will continue to run on course.

To underscore this point, look at the income in real dollars if both you and your spouse work. What would the extent of that lost income cost your family? The other side of the problem is how much cash would it take to replace all that the “non-working” spouse contributes to your family? Things become even more complicated if you have a child with special needs. If your non-working spouse is providing care for that child, who will handle those duties in the event of your spouse’s death? Insurance may help ensure the child continues receiving the proper care.

Consequently, the larger point to be emphasized is the importance of continuing to work with a financial professional who is knowledgeable about insurance, who values his or her relationship with you, and who will make recommendations that are in your best interest. Annual insurance reviews are the best way to ensure that your comprehensive insurance program is fulfilling the objective of protecting your financial security.

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